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Just me trying to get in better shape and my journey. I started out 190ish my goal is 230 and 5% body fat. Web Counters
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27th Jul 2012

Friday // 4pm // 2 years ago


Just did reps dead lifting with all the weights I have at home :( guess I need to go buy more!

22nd Jul 2012

Sunday // 2pm // 2 years ago

I’m Back!!!!!!!

I’m finally back from the field and that was probably the best training I’ve ever done. I hated being away from the gym but you gotta do what you gotta do, and the best news me and my boys might be deploying early next year. I cant wait, its gonna be legit!! Any way just wanted to say I’m back and what up to my followers….


03rd Jul 2012

Tuesday // 5pm // 2 years ago

03rd Jul 2012

Tuesday // 4pm // 2 years ago

03rd Jul 2012

Tuesday // 3pm // 2 years ago

30th Jun 2012

Saturday // 6pm // 2 years ago

I weigh the same in both pictures Fuck yes!!!!


29th Jun 2012

Friday // 2pm // 2 years ago

28th Jun 2012

Thursday // 4pm // 2 years ago

Soooo Happy!!!!

Just got my new order of supplements in and I’m like a little kid on christmas!!!! I got 3 bottles of Muscle Pharm ZMA’s, 1 bottle of Glutamine, 1 4Lbs jug of Optimum Nutrition Casein, 1 jug of Raspberry Lemonade Assault, 1 bottle of HMB, and some vitamin holders a water bottle shirt and hat! Today is a good day!!!